Riding crews for repair W.W. and sea voyage repairs


Global Boiler Aalborg A/S have a team of boilermakers that makes all kind of work on boiler, economizer, IGG unit and Incinerators etc. all around the World, and the Riding team is a team of Danish, Polish workers and in some repairs when larger teams are needed we have boilermakers, fitters etc. from our Dubai and Singapore Branch.

Global Boiler Aalborg A/S is a company using high skilled workers for all repairs, and by repair onboard vessel on sea voyage or ship yard repair always having 1 Danish (Working foreman) called Chief boilermaker to take care of all communication with vessels crew, yard people etc. and doing all necessary paper work as showing attending class surveyor our “Working procedure” – “Material certificate” etc. to have the boiler repaired and approved by class.

All workers carry their own and personal papers / documents as follow:

  • 1. Welding Certificates
  • 2. Seaman Book
  • 3. Passport
  • 4. International Certificate of Vaccination
  • 5. Health Certificate for Seafarers
  • 6. Most of our riding boilermakers have US Visa – B1/B2 & C1/D

A team of boilermakers having a break onboard vessel