• C-DSH & DSH for MHI boilers, fully fabricated in Global Boiler workshop Svenstrup (Denmark)

  • Installation onboard vessel at MHI MB-4 boiler

  • C-DSH & DSH after Heat treatment and ready packed for delivery to customer.

  • CDSH & DSH prepared by welding & heat treatment and ready for installation in main boiler

  • Transport of DSH from ship workshop to main boiler

  • C-DSH connected by welding inside steam drum

 C-DSH & DSH for main boilers

Global Boiler are fabricating main boiler “Control De-super hater” (C-DSH) and “De-super heater” (DSH) in both type if it is flanged version or could be the welded version, and all fabricated and prepared for installation onboard vessels by boilermakers in own workshop.