Complete Boiler Control system

  • The boiler control system from Global Boiler Aalborg is engineered to ensure safe and reliable operation with minimum attendance. This is achievable via use of high quality components and an “easy to use” user interface.
  • The base of the system is the Siemens S7-1500 PLC, a high quality product available world wide.
  • The system is implementable in a “single boiler” system or in a “multiple boiler” system.
    For new building or retrofit, and available to any kind of boiler and burner.


Your best choice for boiler service

Global Boiler Aalborg is your first choice when it comes to boiler service.
No matter if your boiler is running steam, hot water or thermal oil, Global Boiler service is the expert to call.

Global Boiler Aalborg has some of the worlds best trained technicians. All with many years of hands on experience with boiler controls and boiler inspections.

No matter if your need is urgent onboard service, classification or retrofit, Global Boiler Aalborg should be your first choice.

Our great knowledge regarding all types of burneres and control systems makes Global Boiler Aalborg an unique partner when it comes to secure and stable boiler function.