Corona – and then what………

A reflection of the year 2020

Global Boiler Aalborg A/S – with subsidiaries in Dubai and Singapore has in the period since beginning of July 2020 undergone some internal changes of company structure as well as ownership interests.

In March 2020 most of the world literally closed down; incl. Denmark, Dubai and Singapore making it almost impossible to carry out our service and travel to ships and clients world-wide.
For a boiler repair company like Global Boiler it is very hard to perform anything meaningful working from home – and to protect already booked orders, which deliveries being postponed anyway as vessels was not docking as planned, it was decided to completely shut down the workshop in Denmark, as also recommended by the governments.
The closure in Denmark lasted for almost three months only with very few single and minor emergency projects and inspections carried out during this period. Our Dubai branch came into action again after only a few weeks and now prospers from the demand in market, both locally and globally. Singapore is somewhat more difficult to re-open, since by end of 2020 still quarantine period apply for anyone to attend work there as supplement to our local workforce carrying out automation service and inspections / repairs locally
Corona is still a major player world-wide with restrictions coming and going, so very hard to plan and predict if repairs and upgrades will go as planned. Since October we have performed over 30.000 manhours world-wide putting a lot of logistic and control into force, for projects postponed since early 2020.
In one of these projects with a 30-man team from Global Boiler we were unfortunately hit by the Corona, causing almost half of the team to gradually turn positive and the rest to be isolated to protect all others onboard the ship which fortunately was drydocking. Due to an extraordinary good will and cooperation with the shipowner, managers, and agents – another repair company was engaged to partly take over and perform until Global Boiler gradually could safely release unaffected members of our team to resume work. We can only thank everyone involved for their outstanding cooperation and minimizing the delays – and be thankful that only one member of our team became seriously ill from Cv19 – most passing without any symptoms at all.
As mentioned, internal changes of company structure and ownership has happened since this summer.
Global Boiler Aalborg A/S and Global Boiler Service A/S – are both located in Svenstrup, just outside of Aalborg – Denmark. Physically in location as neighbors and working as well as marketing ourselves as “one company” towards our clients. Yearlong talks over the coffee table as well as practical issues, finally matured this summer and agreement was made to merge the two companies into one :
Global Boiler Aalborg A/S.
Global Boiler Middle East LLC, located in Dubai, UAE – Global Boiler Far East Pte. Ltd and Global Boiler Service Pte. Ltd, both located in Singapore – all having different ownership interests, have also by this merger been fully taken over by the holding company behind Global Boiler Aalborg A/S.
All initial shareholders continue their ownership of the group via the new holding company.

Especially for Global Boiler Aalborg – Dubai branch; there will be major changes and improvements coming. Since the transformation in 2018 from being a freezone company to an operating LLC, the expansion has been tremendous from 3 persons to now almost 60 persons and still expanding, adding more people every month.
First half of 2021 we will move workshop into a 2.600 sqm building, fully covered with overhead cranes – which will improve our possible delivery times and allow a much larger stock of boiler tubes than the 500 ton already stocked.
For Global Boiler Aalborg – Singapore branch we plan to move into a larger workshop during 2022 when existing lease runs out. This will give us time to ramp up the organization there, hopefully to commence soon – waiting for the Corona restrictions to lift in the region.
For Global Boiler Aalborg – HQ in Denmark; we are just now installing and commissioning a brand new CNC tube bending machine, capable of also coiling tubes – used in typical small unit steam generators and thermal heaters. This will supplement our automated production of square double-finned tubes for economizers and our large pintube machinery. The spare parts division, which was basically the only part of our business operating at 100% during this challenging Corona period of 2020 is expanding as well, now handling +500 individual orders every month.
In general 2020 seems to be quite acceptable despite the lock-down and Corona challenges faced – not what we hoped for at the beginning of the year – but we feel that with above changes and plans for growth, that we come strengthened out and into 2021…..